According to a recent study on drug use worldwide, Americans are the leading wake-and-bakers, with 21.9 percent of U.S. cannabis consumers smoking pot during the first hour of their day after waking up.

Here’s a song I wrote honoring the wake-and-bake tradition:

Wake and Bake
By Ed Murrieta

Rise and shine
Wake and bake
Put a smile on my face
Make the coffee
Pull the drapes
Take me to a better day

I dreamed all night of you so strong
A joint, a dab, my good old bong
Edibles and my new vape pen
Say good morning, my best friends

Sativa, indica, hash so strong
My breakfast bowl’s coming on
First one’s best but nothing’s wrong
Staying high all day long

Wake and bake, wake and bake
Take me to a better day
Wake and bake, my escape
Hold my calls, life can wait
Wake and bake — Ain’t it great?
Like getting kissed on your first date