Oct. 4 is National Taco Day. Here’s how to celebrate tacos with cannabis every day.


Tacos stretch budgets and feed villages.

With a little meat, some vegetables, a few tortillas, we eat.

With a little cannabis spicing each bite, we eat better, feeding our bellies and heads.

As popular street food throughout Mexico, tacos are filled with anything from beef to chicken to mushrooms to potatoes to tongue to goat.

Everything is a taco,.

Tacos are for everyone.

As National Taco Day approaches Oct. 4, tacos are seemingly everywhere, from trusty trucks to high-end restaurants. Cannabis, it seems. is everywhere too.

Here are six ways to infuse street-food classic tacos with totally legal THC — in meat and veggies, in tortillas and cheese and in toppings and condiments, micro-dosing each bite.

You can always wash down infused tacos with cannabis beer or similar beverage for extra kick and cool crispness.

Eat too many infused tacos and you’ll take a THC siesta.


TIP: Use cannabis-infused beverages to infuse flavor and THC into your meats. Braise beef brisket or pork shoulder in Somatik cold-brewed coffee for depth and flavor. Marinate chicken thighs in citrus- or fruit-flavored Sprig or Legal sodas. Reduce braising liquids and marinades and mix with shredded beef, pulled pork or diced chicken for saucy, guisado-style tacos.

THC: 5-10 mg per recipe depending on potency of infused beverage used for braising liquid.


TIP: Bubble hash is making a commercial comeback and will make the stoniest stone-ground corn tortillas you’ve ever eaten.  Decarb bubble hash and dissolve into tortilla recipe oil over low heat. Cool before using. Alternatively, you can crumble decarbed bubble hash into recipe’s corn meal.

THC: Depends on potency of your bubble hash, divided by the number of tortillas your recipe yields.


TIP: Roasted jalapenos and onions are common accompaniments to tacos. Before roasting, coat sliced jalapenos and onions in cannabis oil.  Place on sheet pan and roast in hot oven until tender and maybe slightly blackened. Alternatively, roast peppers, zucchini, onions and tomatoes for veggie taco filling.

THC: Depends on potency of your infused oil and the amount you use. Some THC will be lost in the cooking process.


TIP: Fry your tacos in cannabis butter for golden Tacos Dorados. Assemble your tacos. Fold ’em. Fry ’em in butter for a short minute on each side until crisp and golden.

THC: Depends on potency of your infused butter and the amount you use. Some THC will be lost in the cooking process.


TIP: Coat cojita or queso fresco cheese crumbles in kief.  Place both in a plastic bag. Seal. Toss. Use coated cheese to top tacos.

THC: Depends on potency and amount of kief.


TIP: Add a few splashed of infused hot sauce.

THC: Depends on potency of infused hot sauce, generally in the micro-dose-per-drop range.