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Americans’ Guide to Canada and Cannabis

Everything cannabis tourists need to know before entering the United States’ northern neighbor by plane, train, automobile, ferry or foot.  

Will be updated now through Oct. 17. 



Fifty years ago, young Americans flocked to Canada during the Vietnam War to avoid the draft.

Today, Americans of multiple generations and all political stripes are planning trips to Canada for modern travelers’ ultimate escape: cannabis.

Canada’s Cannabis Act legalizes the botanical drug starting Oct. 17.

Here’s a guide for Americans entering Canada for cannabis by plane, train, automobile, ferry or foot from British Columbia to Newfoundland.
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West Coast Boasts a Dozen Pot Ports of Call

High-end boutiques, pot-paired dinners, wine-and-weed and bud-and-beer pairings, CBD massages, CBD hotel mini-bars, decadent lounges and smoking excursions await cruise-ship travelers from Alaska to the Mexican border.


Cruise-ship travelers are disembarking to legal cannabis on the West Coast of the United States and soon in Canada.

Major cruise lines docking in Juneau, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego today are just gangways away from legal ganja.

On Oct. 17, when legalization begin in Canada, Vancouver, BC, will become the West Coast’s 10th significant pot port and one of the rare places in all legal lands where tourists can smoke in cafes.

When Massachusetts’ recreational cannabis stores go online sometime this summer, there’ll be an international East Coast pot port enclave extending from Boston to Quebec City, Canada.

Today, you can pull into ports on many major cruise lines working the Pacific Ocean today and immerse yourself in the best cannabis stores, the best cannabis lounges, the best cannabis dinners and the best cannabis activities in legal cannabis states.

Depending on how long you’re in port — some cruises pull in for several hours, some for a day or two — you can book tours or DIY your own excursions.

But just don’t carry or use cannabis on board cruise ships. Here’s the bottom line from one major cruise line servicing North America’s Pacific Ocean coast:

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