Kin Slips are discreet, effective and flavorful cannabis-infused sublinguals


There are many ways to get cannabis into your body — smoking, vaping, eating, drinking, even inserting anally — but only one method and one product have made me stick out my tongue and say, “Oh, that’s tasty-good.”

Like a Willy Wonka wallpaper fantasy, the 1-inch square of Kin Slips’ paper-thin pectin-derived material tasted like watermelon gazpacho — a sweet, cool start, followed by a lingering, licoricey finish.

Kin Slips are discrete, effective and flavorful, smartly dosed, attractively packaged and reasonably priced. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Oakland.

Although lumped in with edibles, Kin Slips and other sublinguals are not to be eaten. Rather than chewing and digesting Kin Slips, you place them under your tongue and hold them in your mouth, letting them dissolve into your bloodstream in a fraction of time it takes your body to process cannabis-infused chocolate bars and gummy candies through your liver and stomach.

Plant-based, dissolvable material soaked in cannabis oil blends and topped with flavor crystals. Available in 5-mg and 10-mg doses, featuring cannabis oil blended for various effects — energy, balance and calm. Priced $20-$37 at select stores and delivery services.

Attractively packaged in sleek textured boxes accented with warm colors and soft visuals. Individual units packaged in easy-to-open Mylar envelopes. Crystals atop each soft, pliable slip contain flavors and keep the product from sticking to the package.  

Cheffy flavors developed by Kin Slips’ foodie co-founder Julianne Tootell complement the cannabis and set Kin Slips apart. Tarragon-citrus was pronounced but not assertive. Watermelon-basil notes lingered on my palate 30 minutes after I slipped a Kin Slip under my tongue. Mango-turmeric was sweet calm.

Kin Slips have the texture of a very thin Ace bandage. They dissolve under the tongue in about 30 seconds. They may ball up and stick to the back of your lower teeth, something akin to toying with a tasty, elusive loogie. All doses hit me in about 15 minutes. I felt Kin Slips’ effects, in arching potency, for about 5 hours.

10 mg loosened my legs and mellowed my mood. 20 mg buzzed my brain. 40 mg intensified fireworks and kept me lit long after the smoke cleared. Blends — one for energy and focus, one for balance and tranquility and another for comfort and relief — performed as billed. Uplift or couchlock? You’ll easily find your dose.

Kin Slips are a discreet, effective and flavorful sublingual cannabis product, smartly dosed, attractively packaged and reasonably priced.

Kin Slips are a terrific foodie ingredient. Dissolve one (or two, three or more, depending on your recipe) into salad dressing, pasta sauce or mole. Slip Kin Slips into your tea.