Untested illicit vape cartridges are causing epidemic illnesses — and even three deaths — in legal recreational states, legal medicinal states and states where cannabis is banned.  Cannabis oil artisans Friendly Farms has the fix.


By Ed Murrieta

Three deaths and 450 illnesses in 33 states add up to one message:

Do not buy or use black-market vape cartridges.

Federal health officials last week advised people to avoid unregulated, untested and possibly contaminated vape cartridges in legal recreational states, legal medicinal states and states where cannabis is banned.

Following deaths in Illinois, Oregon and Indiana, New York health officials identified a possible source of what’s being called an epidemic: vitamin E oil.

The Federal Drug Administration tested seized illicit vape-oil cartridges for THC, nicotine, opioids, pesticides, poisons, toxins and cutting agents. Initial tests found vitamin E oil (tocopheryl-acetate) in 10 of 18 samples.

While vitamin E oil is generally regarded as safe for oral ingestion and topical use, effects of inhalation are unknown. Some health officials say vaporized vitamin E oil may congeal in people’s lungs after inhalation, causing shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and even death.

As Leafly reported last week, a new product called Honey Cut dilutes THC oil without thinning its viscosity. Honey Cut reportedly contains vitamin E oil. Honey Cut is manufactured by an unknown company offering no information about its approved uses. Honey Cut’s website abruptly went offline last week.

As test results from laboratories licensed by the state of California show, Friendly Farms’ live resin cannabis oil vape cartridges contain 100 percent all-natural cannabis — no cutting agents, no fillers, no additives.

Vaping is an effective and efficient method of consuming cannabis. Purchasing and consuming only regulated and tested products from licensed brands like Friendly Farms through licensed retail stores is the safe, pleasurable way to vape.