Yo, Berner: Sweeten your Sacramento stop with Friendly Farms’ dessert vapes and Creamy’s mini-cheesecakes, cookie-cheesecake sandwiches and cheesecake-filled donuts.


California cannabis mogul and rapper Berner probably has most of his pre-show and green-room needs met. But if he or his entourage are looking for local dessert treats before or after Friday’s gig at Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento, I’ve got two recommendations readily available nearby:

Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection vape cartridges are sold near Ace of Spades at All About Wellness (a five-block walk) and Northstar (a short light-rail trip). Or contact Humble Root for delivery. Forbidden Fruit and Raspberry Creme Brulee are my favorites.

Creamy’s mini-cheesecakes, cookie-cheesecake sandwiches and cheesecake-filled donuts are sold in  Cayla Jordan’s dessert cart three blocks up R Street from Ace of Spades at 12th and R streets. Try ’em all.

Creamy’s is working with Friendly Farms on our #FriendlyLife #LocalLifestyles food and beverage promotion launching in March and featuring foods and beverages inspired by Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection, extracted from strains curated for their fruity, spicy and candylike terpenes indulgently evocative of decadent desserts..

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