An agenda item facing the Sacramento City Council’ Law and Legislation Committee Tuesday.


The Sacramento City Council’s Law and Legislation Committee is expected to advance two important issues related to cannabis events at California’s best and most welcoming venue for legal, state-licensed cannabis events.

Tuesday afternoon’s meeting features a resolution that would streamline approval of cannabis events at Cal Expo, the state-owned fairgrounds and event complex that hosted California’s first legal cannabis event in May.

The committee is expected to pass a motion recommending the City Council authorize the City Manager or his designee to approve cannabis events at Cal Expo.  Currently, cannabis events at Cal Expo require City Council approval. The council approved May’s event 6-2; one of the no votes was cast by the City Council member whose district encompasses Cal Expo and who, as a member of the Law and Legislation Committee, is expected to oppose the notion Tuesday.

The other important and interesting item that will be considered by the  Law and Legislation Committee is a proposed amendment to the city code allowing permitted cannabis stores to sell cannabis at local events. Currently, Sacramento cannabis stores are prohibited from vending anywhere but the physical address approved for their conditional use permits. Sacramento cannabis stores were glaringly absent at the historic first cannabis event, currently only one two sanctioned event that have been held in California.