Great tastes that taste great together meet in collaborations between producers of artisan intoxicants.


The message behind Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’ classic Seventies slapstick TV commercials —“You got peanut butter on my chocolate. You got chocolate in my peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together.” — is being rebooted for the cannabis era in two collaborations between two California producers of artisan intoxicants: AbsoluteXtracts and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

One collaboration puts Lagunitas’ hops into AbsoluteXtracts’ vape pen cannabis oil cartridges. The other puts AbsoluteXtracts cannabis terpenes into Lagunitas ale.

Hops and cannabis are botanical cousins, containing similar aromas and flavors.

There’s no THC in the hopped-up beer collaboration — just the complementary flavors and aromas of Blue Dream and Girl Scout cookies cannabis strains captured in the terpenes. And there’s no alcohol in the vape oil — just piney, lemony, citrusy flavors of seven different hops strains.

Both collaborations are called “SuperCritical” after the CO2 extraction process AbsoluteXtracts uses to isolate and preserve cannabis and hops terpenes.

Lagunitas sent me a growler of beer and a couple of vape cartridges. 

I tested a growler of  Lagunitas’ SuperCritical, a golden-straw ale. Its floral bouquet tickled my nose. Its dry hoppiness parched my tongue. Cannabis terpenes — flavors and aromas evoked if not the plant exactly certainly evoked the distilled essences of cannabis you experience in high-end concentrates. It finished with an uplifting intrigue, gaining depth and intensity as it warmed.

Here are my notes from the beer and the vape cartridges:

Lagunitas SuperCritical Ale

Beer infused with non-psychoactive cannabis terpenes

Airy foamy head

Floral nose, almost soapy

Golden straw color

Hoppy, dry, tongue-sucking and nose-tingling

Floral flavors sweeten as the beer warms and deepens

Uplifting buzz

AbsoluteExtracts Hop Cannon and Stereoterpical cannabis oil infused with hops terpenes.

Hop Cannon spicy and floral … wafting uppercut to the sinus, a tingling prelude to an earthy, biting finish on the back of the tongue.

Stereoterpical crisp and clean


Note-for-note match to both hoppy vape pens: Piney, floral, slightly earthy … tingly mineral finish

Vape. Hold. Shoot. Swallow. Exhale. Like the Boilermaker of weed and beer. Worlds collide but harmony prevails.

Vape. Hold. Drink. Swirl. Meld. Swallow. Exhale. Flavor bomb. Concentrated subtleties. Deepen the spice. Soften the bite.

Vape. Exhale. Drink. Swallow. Like you perfectly prepared your palate for an ephemeral blossom of savory alpine.

Drink. Hold. Vape. Swallow. Exhale. Maybe get a little bubbling action on the vape pen’s mouthpiece. An extremely clean hit and clean finish, almost indistinguishable from any substances except the straight essence of cross-fading intoxication.