Sacramento’s top cannabis oil manufacturer and co-packer navigates costly and confusing packaging, labeling and testing for its own award-winning products and private-label concentrates for renowned cultivators.


SACRAMENTO, CA — On June 27, Friendly Farms will submit 30,000 packaged and labeled vape pen cartridges to a licensed distributor, which will arrange for required testing through a certified lab. The lab will take and test samples from the batch. The remainder will be quarantined under law at the distributor’s warehouse until test results arrive by July 4, at which point, Friendly Farms said, the co-branded full-spectrum, strain-specific oils extracted from cannabis grown by Connected Cannabis, one of California’s most renowned cultivators of connoisseur-grade phenotypes, could be cleared for distribution to retailers or flagged unfit for sale.

Friendly Farms is among hundreds of California cannabis companies navigating costly and confusing compliance issues as the state transitions from a grace period of looser regulations to a new era of strict packaging, labeling and testing required by the Bureau of Cannabis Control starting July 1. In addition to manufacturing and marketing concentrates, Friendly Farms provides co-packing manufacturing, packaging, labeling and other compliance services for cultivators like Connected Cannabis, Sherbinski and Alien Labs.

Two young executives from the 15-person Sacramento start-up have agreed to take a reporter and photographer behind the scenes of their company in the next two weeks and candidly discuss and reveal Friendly Farms’ compliance efforts. I propose a fly-on-the-wall report that shines a microscopic light on the looming transition some observers predict will trigger many companies’ demise.

Friendly Farms was a big winner at the nation’s first legal cannabis event, the recent High Times Central Valley Cannabis Cup in Sacramento.