New limited-edition True Full-Spectrum live resin artisan extracts capture decadent indulgence of designer cannabis strains’ dessert flavors

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 4, 2019 — Leading online cannabis lifestyles publication Leafly says the sumptuous dessert strain craze will continue in 2019 while manufactured extracts eclipse raw flowers in the regulated retail market.

Friendly Farms, Sacramento’s award-winning artisan producer of True Full-Spectrum live resin cannabis extracts, is capitalizing on both predictions.

Friendly Farms’ new limited-edition Dessert Collection captures decadently indulgent flavors, aromas and effects of exotic strains grown by top California cultivators, evoking sweet, tart, fruity, spicy dessert-like treats — all contained in affordable, convenient vape pens that are enjoyable on the go or on the couch.

Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection flavors include seven strain combinations evoking desserts and three strains so dessert-like they stand on their own: Forbidden Brulee, Forbidden Raspberry, Forbidden Sunset, Ogre Berry, Raspberry Creme Brulee, Raspberry Sherbert, Vanilla Sherbert, Raspberry Kush, Headband and Forbidden Fruit.

New Dessert Collection flavors will be released throughout the year in small batches, curated from cannabis grown by top cultivators in the Emerald Triangle and Santa Barbara County.

“Dessert Collection flavors are crafted from whole plants that Friendly Farms’ artisans combine like chefs combine ingredients to create specific flavors and experiences,” said Friendly Farms culinary and media consultant Ed Murrieta, a trained baker and pastry chef. “Raspberry Creme Brulee is crafted from two strains: Raspberry Kush and Creme Brulee. Raspberry Creme Brulee vape pens taste like berries and custard, burned sugar and exotic spice.”

Friendly Farms’ Forbidden Fruit, Forbidden Brulee, Raspberry Kush and Headband were honored last month among the top 10 entries in live-resin vape pen and sauce categories of the 2018 Emerald Cup.

Forbidden Fruit, super fruity; Raspberry Kush, redolent of berries, vanilla, eastern spice and summer stone fruit; and Headband, full of lemon and earth, are so dessert-like they stand on their own.

“If you grew a Snozzberry strain, Friendly Farms’ Snozzberry vape pen would taste like snozzberries,” Murrieta said. “Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection is the way to indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy cannabis at the same time.”



Friendly Farms’ award-winning True Full-Spectrum extracts are sold in cannabis stores and via delivery services in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Find Friendly Farms’ live resin vape pens and sauces on Weedmaps.


As affirmed by collaborations with leading designer cannabis cultivators Alien Labs, Connected Cannabis and Sherbinskis, Friendly Farms and its True Full-Spectrum cannabis extracts stand out in a competitive market full of heat-separated distillates and pressure-separated CO2 concentrates.

Friendly Farms’ proprietary True Full-Spectrum extracts are crafted at sub-zero temperatures to preserve premium plants’ native terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring natural flavors, aromas and effects are retained.

“Friendly Farms’ liquid-live vape cartridges and sauces are 100-percent cannabis and contain no distillate or any added terpenes,” Friendly Farms Chief Innovation Officer Charles Smith said. “We start with the best whole plants and finish with the best whole-plant extracts. We craft flavorful, aromatic and potent True Full-Spectrum cannabis extracts.”



Six Friendly Farms strains placed in the top 10 of competitive categories at the 2018 Emerald Cup, including its Forbidden Fruit, which won 2nd Place in the live-resin vape pen competition. Friendly Farms’ Forbidden Brulee, Headband and Raspberry Kush placed 5th, 7th and 9th, respectively, in that category. Friendly Farms’ Headband and Citrus Sap placed 8th and 9th, respectively, in the sauce category. Friendly Farms’ Emerald Cup accolades followed three first place victories at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Sacramento in May 2018.

Independently funded, Friendly Farms contributes to services fighting homelessness through its community Give Back Program. Friendly Farms donates $1 from every gram sold to charity programs in Sacramento, the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Friendly Farms capped a year of giving in 2018 by sponsoring the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Crawl and raising more than $1,000 for local services preventing homelessness.

“Friendly Farms’ True Full-Spectrum artisan cannabis extracts deliver aroma and flavor experiences of designer strains in convenient, affordable vape pens,” said Darrin Gatto, Friendly Farms’ chief executive officer.  “Nothing’s lost. Nothing’s added. Friendly Farms’ extracts are pure, artisanal indulgence.”


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