Friendly Farms and Capitol Floats Collaborate on Your Mind, Body and Beyond


By Ed Murrieta

Just like today’s cannabis is more sophisticated than it was 40 years ago, today’s floatation spas are a far cry from your grandparents’ 1970’s sensory-deprivation tanks.

Back then, you lifted heavy doors on metal chambers the size of small industrial generators and climbed in, shutting yourself inside without light or sound or any stimulation except the sounds of your heartbeat, breathing and any voices in your head, floating face-up in a foot of water and half a ton of salt as warm as the temperature of your blood.

That’s the “sensory-deprivation” scenario that freaked out a lot of people in 1978 after they read Paddy Chayefsky’s novel “Altered States” or subsequently watched the movie version a couple of years later in which William Hurt played a psychiatric researcher who transforms into a beastly creature while floating in dark silence under the influence of mind-altering LSD. 


Today, floatation tanks are spas. At Capitol Floats, “tanks” are tubs shrouded in moody lights, fronted by tiled showers, set with fluffy towels and comfy robes. Enjoy cups of tea and kombucha. Hang out in a lounge-like environment.

Floating alone with only your inner dialogues will not trigger “Altered States” but will, in fact, relax your body, relieve your mind and expand your awareness — just like cannabis can. 

Those shared therapeutic benefits of floating and cannabis is one reason Friendly Farms is collaborating with Capitol Floats on a new Inspired By deal. Beyond that, we share the same community and business values and many of the same customers. 

Capitol Floats and Friendly Farms are offering a special for cannabis and float enthusiasts or anyone interested in a wellness deal: Capitol Floats’ Trifecta Inspired By Friendly Farms, treatments in a floatation tub, infrared sauna and Somadome music meditation pod — a $125 value we’re offering for just $99. 


Purchase Capitol Floats’ Trifecta Inspired By Friendly Farms and enjoy exclusive savings on Friendly Farms’ products at a nearby cannabis store. 

Meet Friendly Farms at Capitol Floats on Sept. 6 and learn more about floating and Friendly Farms’s True Full Spectrum Liquid Live™ artisanal cannabis extracts, which, like Capitol Floats, benefit your mind, body and beyond. 


Capitol Floats Inspired By Friendly Farms Trifecta Wellness Deal 

  • Float in relaxing and rejuvenating in zero-gravity silence and darkness inside a sleek, personal-sized tub; 
  • Melt away stress and detox in an infrared heat sauna; 
  • Meditate in a color-and-music-therapy Somadome pod. 

Experience all three Capitol Floats wellness therapies — a $125 value — for just $99.

Capitol Floats’ Trifecta Inspired By Friendly Farms is now available for a limited time at Capitol Floats, 3513 Broadway, Sacramento.  Book your Capitol Floats Trifecta Inspired By Friendly Farms experience.