5 Infused Ingredients.
5-Course Menu.
What Will Ed Cook?


Here’s the gimmick: I’ve got five cannabis ingredients and a five-course supper menu.


  • Fresh Cannabis Flower
  • Kin Slips
  • Sprig THC soda
  • Defonce chocolate bar
  • Kiva Petra Mints


  • Sopa de Mota
  • Ensalada con Salsa Yesca
  • Ganja Granita
  • Chocolate Mole Wellington
  • Pot de Creme Brulee

Menu Details

  • Sopa de Mota –Consomme infused with fresh cannabis flowers
  • Ensalada con Salsa Yesca — Garden salad with dressing infused with Kin Slips
  • Chocolate Mole Wellington — Chicken, mushrooms, squash, chiles and cheese bathed in mole sauce made from Defonce cannabis chocolate and enrobed in puff pastry studded with pumpkin seeds.
  • Pot de Creme Brulee — Pot de Creme with crushed Kiva Petra Mints in burned sugar crust.