100 percent pure whole-plant cannabis extracts — no heat-stripped distillates, no additives of any kind — impress palates at premier California event.


Emerald Cup attendees approach the booth Friendly Farms shared with partner Connected Cannabis.


SANTA ROSA, Calif., Dec. 16 — Tasting were rare at this year’s edition of The Emerald Cup, Northern California’s premier cannabis event showcasing and honoring artisan cultivation and production.

The lone legal standout was Friendly Farms, the artisan producer of true full-spectrum cannabis extracts. Tucked in a booth with Alien Labs and Connected Cannabis‘ jam-packed booth in the main exhibition building at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Friendly Farms provided tastes and satisfaction to hundreds of people Saturday and Sunday.

For $1 each, Emerald Cup attendees tasted seven live-resin vape designer cannabis strains from Friendly Farms: White Fire, Fire OG, Smarties, Gelato33, Gushers, Wedding Cake and Biscotti. All funds raised from tasting fees will be donated to Cage-Free Cannabis as part of Friendly Farms’ Give Back Program helping people in need.

Not only was any sort of tasting rare at The Emerald Cup in its new regulated legal cannabis era, the tastings Friendly Farms provided were rare themselves: true full-spectrum cannabis concentrates whose flavors, aromas and effects are derived from whole plants — a rarity in a market swimming in inferior THC distillates stripped of original terpenes and reconstituted with non-cannabis terpenes to chemically resemble natural cannabis.

In totally unscientific terms, Friendly Farms proprietary true full-spectrum process hella captures the decadence of designer cannabis strains: sweet, fruity, herbal, spicy, exotic and indulgent.

Friendly Farms’ true full-spectrum live-liquid etracts are crafted from premium sun-grown cannabis that’s flash-frozen at harvest and extracted at a low-temperature to preserve natural terpenes and cannabinoids, the DNA of the flavors, aromas and effects associated with specific strains.

True Full Spectrum

While Friendly Farms blends cannabis strains, it blends whole plants, not industrial terpenes of the sort that lurk in popular distillates.

Touring The Emerald Cup trade-show booths, I learned you could pick almost any cannabis strain you can think of and buy the terpenes to create the flavors of that strain. Or you could Frankenstein your own “cannabis strain” by adding terpenes derived from other plants to THC distillate.

Think of that next time you vape or dab distillate that tastes like lemony furniture polish.

Also pay attention to how fast and well Friendly Farms’ true full-spectrum cannabis concentrates affect you: Pretty fast and wholesomely, like hitting joint in vape-pen form. Distillates don’t do that.



Veteran food journalist, cannabis media producer and trained pastry chef Ed Murrieta is a paid consultant to Friendly Farms. Follow Friendly Farms on Instagram, Weedmaps and FriendlyFarmsCA.com.