Payton Curry


The culinary industry is a small world. It gets even smaller when you bore into the cannabis cuisine industry.

Shortly after my profiles of cannabis cuisine superstars published on the San Francisco Chronicle’s I learned that one of the profiled chefs who was scheduled to cook last week at the NorCal Cannacuisine Gala had pulled out and was replaced by another chef I’d profiled.

Today I learned that another one of the chefs I profiled has replaced another one of the chefs I profiled, taking over a commercial kitchen and events space in San Francisco that was mentioned in my June 13 story.

The plot thickens like a good roux as Payton Curry’s plans for that kitchen and dining room on Folsom Street in the city’s pot-dense South of Market district include private cannabis-infused brunch and dinner events that give off a distinct waft of a pop-up test run for a full-fledged cannabis restaurant and impart notes of a community center for cannabis food businesses.

Curry’s concept is vegetable-forward, focused on low-dose THC infusions, plus use wellness-inducing but non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and THCA.

Curry, who cheffed in Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco and St. Helena, called me today from Las Vegas, where he’s preparing to roll out Flourish, the edibles brand he launched last year in Arizona and this spring in California.

The Folsom Street private pop-up will happen four days a week every other week starting Aug. 14, running through the end of the year.  Here’s the schedule as Curry described to me today:

  • Mondays — Media Day. All media invited to visit and ask questions about cannabis-infused foods and edibles.
  • Tuesdays — Cannabis dinner. Multi-course cannabis-infused vegetarian dinner + cannabis-infused beverages for up to 50 people.
  • Wednesdays — Cannabis Brunch Cooking Class (20 people), featuring juicing demonstrations, infusion lessons, dosing lessons, hands-on group cooking lessons and a shared meal.
  • Wednesdays — Multi-course cannabis-infused vegetarian dinner  + cannabis-infused beverages for up to 50 people.
  • Thursdays — Cannabis Brunch aka The Culinary Institute of Cannabis (10 people)– aimed at entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the edibles industry from industry insiders — while preparing and enjoying a cannabis infused meal and engaging in question-and-answer opportunities.

Dinners are $150 per night. Wednesday brunch classes are $250. Thursday brunch classes are $500. Tickets and more info available here.
Cannabis cuisine classes are $250 on Wednesday, with 20 students and $500 on Thursday, with only 10 students.

The pop-up will feature a retail display of Flourish’s cannabis edibles products.

Curry said he hopes to open a licensed cannabis restaurant in the space in 2018, pending the availability of cannabis restaurant permits in San Francisco.

Curry said he’s recruited at least one other cannabis chef from my Green State story, Michael Magallanes, and he’s courting others.

Curry said he also plans to launch private pop-up events at other restaurants throughout the city (Sundays and Mondays when the restaurants are typically closed).

Chris Sayegh, a Los Angeles-based cannabis chef who trained in Michelin-starred restaurants, told me earlier this summer he was planning to open a cannabis food space in the location where Curry’s now preparing his bi-monthly cannabis kitchen/community center.

Stay tuned for more.

New York-based Miguel Trinidad had been booked for chef duties at the NorCal Cannacuisine Gala, which took place in Rohnert Park on Saturday. He was replaced by Los Angeles-based Jeff the 420 Chef.