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West Hollywood Abuzz: American Amsterdam in Southern California

WeHo Radically Mainstreams Cannabis Consumption with Lounges and Restaurants

City Leaders Envision Buzzy Entertainment Enclave Popular with Locals and Tourists Becoming the State’s Legal Cannabis Destination

By Ed Murrieta

WEST HOLLYWOOD — Viewed from Google maps, this buzzy enclave fits in the urban heart of Southern California like a jagged-edged puzzle piece abutting three other famous cities: Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Viewed, smelled and tasted from street-level, West Hollywood fits your imaginary movie images of American Amsterdam.

Nearby Venice may have been up for the part with its picturesque canals and picaresque dispensaries, but West Hollywood, historically friendly to vice and alternative lifestyles, earns today’s leading role in mainstreaming cannabis culture and commerce.

Comprising just 1.8 square miles of Los Angeles County land, West Hollywood is home to 34,000 people and 40 approved cannabis business licenses, from delivery services to dispensaries to lounges to the world’s first licensed and regulated restaurant serving food and cannabis. West Hollywood estimates weed tourism will bring in about $6 million in tax revenue annually.

“We think this will drive more hotel nights in the city, that it will drive more people to come into the city, to go to our restaurants and bars, and patronize our other businesses,” West Hollywood’s weed czar John Leonard said.

Lowell Cafe recently opened, serving non-infused cuisine and menus of cannabis flowers, joints and extracts. Other cannabis restaurants in the works include Budberry, a garden cafe with a koi pond that’s scheduled to open on Valentine’s Day,and Aeon Botanika, a 7,000-square-foot wellness-shop / superfoods cafe / cannabis boutique / Moroccan-themed cannabis tea lounge / cannabis-enhanced acupuncture spa that is scheduled to open in the spring.



Friendly Farms Inspires Local Food Specials and Community

Sacramento’s award-winning artisanal cannabis extracts producer partners with like-minded local businesses to create specials “Inspired by Friendly Farms” and promote a sense of community.



SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 5, 2019 — Friendly Farms, the Farm-to-Fork Capital’s award-winning producer of farm-to-vape cannabis extracts, is partnering with Sacramento food businesses to promote menu specials inspired its food-friendly live-resin sauces, an artisanal style of extracts that captures plants’ full spectrum of flavorful and intoxicating terpenes.

For the month of  March, Creamy’s by Cayla Jordan and Backbone Cafe are featuring “Inspired by Friendly Farms” specials highlighting exotic fruit, spice and confectionery flavors of Friendly Farms’ decadent and indulgent Dessert Collection designer cannabis vape oil and sauce extracts.

  • Backbone Cafe, the organic downtown restaurant that appeals to vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, stirred up Forbidden Sunset, a luscious banana-berry-pineapple-citrus-coconut milk elixir spiked with ginger, turmeric, beet powder, cayenne pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt inspired by Friendly Farms’ Forbidden Sunset extract. Backbone Cafe’s Forbidden Sunset Smoothies are $9.50 each.
  • Sacramento’s Cheesecake Queen Cayla Jordan created Creamy’s Creme Brulee Cheesecake, inspired by Friendly Farms’ Creme Brulee strain. Bite-sized vanilla cheesecakes topped with torched sugar are $3.25 each or six for $18. Options include graham cracker crust and gluten-free crustless. Purchase at Creamy’s downtown food cart or order online at



Unlike the 100-percent pure cannabis extracts that inspired Creamy’s Creme Brulee Cheesecake and Backbone Cafe’s Forbidden Sunset Smoothie, “Inspired by Friendly Farms” specials contain no cannabis.

“I personally do not consume cannabis but many of my customers do,” said Creamy’s Cayla Jordan. “I’m often asked if Creamy’s are ‘edibles.’ They’re not, but if you care about high-quality ingredients prepared with care, Creamy’s are made for the munchies after vaping Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection.”

Creamy’s Creme Brulee Cheesecake and Backbone Cafe’s Forbidden Sunset Smoothie are the first two “Inspired by Friendly Farms” specials. “Inspired by Friendly Farms” specials will expand in the coming months with other Sacramento food businesses that share Friendly Farms’ community and business values.

“Friendly Farms’ Forbidden Sunset extract instantly inspired our Forbidden Sunset Smoothie,” said Tomas Woolston, a member of the family that owns Backbone Cafe. “Tropical fruit, uplifting spice and earthy funk appeal to cannabis and culinary senses.”

Said Darrin Gatto, Friendly Farms’ CEO: It’s really exciting to work with companies outside of the cannabis industry. Our goal, really, is to introduce Friendly Farms’ customers to local business we love and build relationships with those businesses.”

friendly-farms-new-logoAbout Friendly Farms

Based in Sacramento, Friendly Farms is an artisan producer of award-winning True Full-Spectrum live-resin cannabis extracts containing all-natural flavors, aromas and effects of sought-after designer strains. Friendly Farms’ vape cartridges and sauces are available in state-licensed retail stores and via delivery services in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Friendly Farms vapes retail for $50 per half-gram in convenient, lead-free cartridges enjoyable on the go or on the couch. Friendly Farms donates $1 from every gram sold to non-profit organizations combating homelessness. Friendly Farms’ whole-plant extraction process powers collaborations with noted growers Sherbinski and Connected Cannabis. In non-cannabis collaborations, Friendly Farms sponsored the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Crawl


About Friendly Farms Dessert Collection

Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection is a new limited-edition line of designer cannabis strains deliciously curated to evoke decadent indulgence. Dessert Collection strains include Forbidden Fruit, Creme Brulee, Forbidden Brulee, Raspberry Creme Brulee, Vanilla Sherbert, Raspberry Sherbert, Raspberry Kush, Ogre Berry and Headband.

creamys-logoAbout Creamy’s by Cayla Jordan

As Sacramento’s self-taught Cheesecake Queen and Instagram influencer who launched her own Internet baking show, Cayla Jordan got her sweet start in business while in high school selling caramel corn for $1 a bag. Today, after operating a pop-up store at Roseville’s Westfield Galleria, Cayla sells her Creamy’s cheesecakes, cookie/cheesecake sandwiches and cheesecake-filled donuts from a custom-made mobile bakery cart in downtown Sacramento.

Creamy’s by Cayla Jordan
12th and R Streets, Sacramento
Website | Instagram

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backbone-logoAbout Backbone Cafe

Backbone Cafe is casual counter-service cafe with a Burning Man vibe in downtown Sacramento serving organic foods that appeal to all diets — vegan, vegetarian, meat-eating omnivore and gluten-free. From breakfast to bone broth to smoothies to dinner, Backbone Cafe’s menu is a tour de force of human fuel for maximum performance, featuring vegetables sourced from small organic farms and meats from grass-fed, free-range ranches.

Backbone Cafe
729 J St., Sacramento, (916) 970-5545
Website | Instagram  

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Local Dessert Treats Await Rapper / Cannabis Mogul Berner in Sacramento


Yo, Berner: Sweeten your Sacramento stop with Friendly Farms’ dessert vapes and Creamy’s mini-cheesecakes, cookie-cheesecake sandwiches and cheesecake-filled donuts.


California cannabis mogul and rapper Berner probably has most of his pre-show and green-room needs met. But if he or his entourage are looking for local dessert treats before or after Friday’s gig at Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento, I’ve got two recommendations readily available nearby:

Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection vape cartridges are sold near Ace of Spades at All About Wellness (a five-block walk) and Northstar (a short light-rail trip). Or contact Humble Root for delivery. Forbidden Fruit and Raspberry Creme Brulee are my favorites.

Creamy’s mini-cheesecakes, cookie-cheesecake sandwiches and cheesecake-filled donuts are sold in  Cayla Jordan’s dessert cart three blocks up R Street from Ace of Spades at 12th and R streets. Try ’em all.

Creamy’s is working with Friendly Farms on our #FriendlyLife #LocalLifestyles food and beverage promotion launching in March and featuring foods and beverages inspired by Friendly Farms’ Dessert Collection, extracted from strains curated for their fruity, spicy and candylike terpenes indulgently evocative of decadent desserts..

Get Friendly Farms Dessert Collection

All About Wellness




Humble Root


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