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Canna-Sports Entrepreneur Jim McAlpine Courts Tahoe Ski Resorts in an Uphill Quest to Address Pot on the Slopes


This season’s SnowBomb events, held in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento as California voters confronted cannabis legalization, were sponsored by cannabis companies — a first in the snow sports trade shows’ 10-year history despite cannabis’ decades-long presence in the state’s boarding and skiing culture.

Still, SnowBomb founder Jim McAlpine is surprised he received the cold shoulder when he offered to advise Tahoe Basin ski resorts on snow sports and cannabis, two cultures McAlpine says go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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New West Summit Cannabis Lounge (and Dining) Guide

Touting the city before it hosted the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, President William Howard Taft declared San Francisco to be “the city that knows how.” One hundred and one years later, on the ongoing eve of cannabis legalization in California, these medical cannabis dispensary lounges show off San Francisco’s know-how when it comes to the social use of cannabis — a hot-button issue even in states where recreational cannabis is legal. San Francisco’s smoking/vaping lounges range from cannabis chic to hippie humble. Six are located downtown and there’s one more due to open this fall — all in easy proximity to hotels, restaurants, shopping and museums. You must be a California resident with ID and the requisite medical cannabis paperwork to enjoy these lounges.

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Denver Pot Travel Planner 2014


DENVER — “Did you notice the fragrance?”

We were packed into a clean-emissions shuttle bus traveling along touristy 16th Street Mall.

A young man wearing blond dreadlocks and reeking of his pot-smoking tribe squeezed past two office ladies.

“You smell it everywhere,” one lady said to the other. “It’s the stoner bro smell.”

Welcome to The Mile High City, capital of legal pot in America, where the most radical cultural shift since Prohibition is transpiring, quite literally, under the noses of Colorado citizens, 55 percent of whom voted last year to legalize retail sales and recreational consumption of pot by adults age 21 and up.

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