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Vape Me Out to the Ballgame


San Francisco Cannabis Lounges and the Giants Fit Friendly Farms Like a Glove 


SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants return on April 5. For baseball fans, the team’s home opener is cause for celebration. For cannabis fans, it’s cause for consumption.

You can’t smoke, vape, dab or legally eat cannabis at the newly christened Oracle Park, but you can consume pre-game  pot at nine San Francisco cannabis lounges — most of which are located within easy Uber, Lyft or public transportation distance from the South of Market stadium.

Here’s my batting-and-vaping order for San Francisco cannabis lounges and San Francisco Giants home games. Several lounges stock Friendly Farms’ award-winning artisanal cannabis extracts

Urban Pharm
122 10th St.
Steampunky Urban Pharm is the closest lounge to Oracle Park and fills the lead-off spot with a staffed dab bar featuring Friendly Farms’ award-winning live-resin extracts. Find Friendly Farms’ vape pens and dab sauces at Urban Pharm.

Vapor Room
79 9th St.
Small and appealing, Vapor Room recently returned from the disabled list. Find Friendly Farms’ vape pens and dab sauces at Vapor Room. Enjoy Friendly Farms’ artisanal live-resin extracts in tiny window-front lounge.

Barbary Coast
925 Mission St.
The city’s most decadent full-service lounge, Barbary Coast begins the meat of the order. Blood-red banquettes and big-screen TVs beat bleacher seats and a monster scoreboard.

Moe Greens
1276 Market St.
Moe Greens cleans ups as San Francisco’s newest full-service lounge and its most classy, classic and professional — like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Gaylord Perry in one spiffy uniform.

1256 Mission St.
SPARC offers a little of everything throughout the day: Volcano vaping, staffed dab bar and full-flame toking after 4:20 p.m. Fridays-Sundays. Find Friendly Farms’ award-winning artisanal live-resin extracts at SPARC.

Harvest on Geary
4811 Geary Blvd.
Intimate and upscale, Harvest on Geary’s earth-and-sea-toned lounge is newly opened to the public after a run at private membership.    

Harvest Off Mission
30 29th St.
Intimate and upscale, Harvest Off Mission’s earth-and-sea-toned lounge is newly opened to the public after a run at private membership.    

Bloom Room
471 Jessie St.
Enjoy use of Volcano vaporizers and the work of local artists in a small space.

ReLeaf Herbal
1284 Mission St.
ReLeaf is the city’s Candlestick Park of cannabis lounges — a spare, outdated but serviceable throwback to San Francisco’s scruffier days.

If You’re Going to San Francisco, Be Sure to Vape Friendly Farms

Enjoy Friendly Farms’ True Full-Spectrum extracts in San Francisco cannabis lounges — and save 20% on Friendly Farms’ vape cartridges and sauces every Saturday near Union Square. By Ed Murrieta

Vapor Room

Recently re-opened in a new location after the feds shut down the dispensary/lounge in 2012, Vapor Room carries Friendly Farms’  vape cartridges and sauces immediately south of Market Street, a short walk from major entertainment, civic and cultural venues. Vapor Room offers a brighter, airier but more intimate lounge environment in its new location than it did in the Lower Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Vapor Room’s new lounge area is fronted by a large storefront window  facing 9th Street, shining a light on the goings on within: adults responsibly consuming cannabis in a comfortable social setting. From inside, vapers and smokers can watch the city pass by. Vapor Room specializes in sun-grown cannabis and operates bodega style. Wander the store. Grab what you’re going to buy — say, a Friendly Farms’ vape cartridge or sauce — and pay at the counter.  Vapor Room is vape-only from opening until 4:20 p.m., upon which time smoking is allowed until closing.

The Vapor Room
79 9th St.

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast’s exposed brick walls, stained-glass chandeliers, flocked-velvet wallpaper and lipstick-red leather banquettes evoke classic San Francisco restaurants and bordellos where young Mark Twain or a modern-day tech titan might drop by to get high, not far from premium hotels and shopping. That gentle sucking sound beneath your seat? That’s part of Barbary Coast’s smoke-scrubbing ventilation systems that keep the room and your clothes from stinking. Barbary Coast carries Friendly Farms’ vape cartridges and sauces, the latter of which you can dab using Barbary Coast’s quartz-glass rigs and electronic nails.

Barbary Coast
952 Mission St.

Urban Pharm

Enjoy all forms of consumption — smoking, vaping, dabbing — in an intimate space accented with furnishings you’d swear were reclaimed from a Burning Man theme camp. Urban Pharm vibes steampunk: moody lighting, caged entry, reclaimed wood and cut metal accents throughout. Urban Pharm carries Friendly Farms’ vapes and sauces.  Forgot your dab rig? Borrow one from Urban Pharms.

Urban Pharm
122 10th St.


Bring your own dab rig to consume Friendly Farms’ sauces purchased from SPARC or stick to Friendly Farms’ vape pens purchased from SPARC, half retail boutique, half sleek wooden-bench-and-table lounge.

1256 Mission St.

Moe Greens 

Moe Greens is the newest, largest and most ambitious cannabis lounge in a city that’s pioneered public cannabis consumption in America. Located on Market Street near major culture and entertainment venues, Twitter, Uber, City Hall and BART, Moe Greens is like three cannabis lounges in one: one lounge for vaping, one lounge for dabbing and one lounge for smoking. Designed in gleaming blonde woods, emerald leatherette, starburst chandeliers and golden accents against raw brick, Moe Greens vibes the best of old-school and modern-day San Francisco. Although no food is served (you can BYO within reason), Moe Greens is the most restaurant-like cannabis lounge. Coming soon: Reserve tables., order at tables, pay at tables. State-of-the-art tools and dab rigs are available for customer use.  Moe Greens doesn’t  yet stock Friendly Farms; until then, I recommend Moe Greens’ house-brand Gelato flower at $8 per gram.

Moe Greens
1276 Market St.

 No Lounge But 20% Savings

Pure 710SF  is not a lounge. If you visit the store near Union Square on Saturdays , you can save 20 percent on Friendly Farms’ award-winning True Full-Spectrum live-resin cannabis extracts.



Pure 710SF
49 Kearny St.
Pure 710SF

Magnolia Wellness

Across the bay in Oakland, Friendly Farms’ sauces are served at $4 per dab  in Magnolia’s dab bar and lounge, along with other premium cannabis concentrates. Recent Friendly Farms’ strains include SFOG and Clementine.

Magnolia Wellness
161 Adeline St., Oakland

West Hollywood Radically Mainstreams Cannabis Lounges and Restaurants

WeHo officials envision the high-energy city becoming a buzzworthy legal cannabis destination.



West Hollywood’s selection last week of 16 licensees to operate cannabis consumption lounges and cannabis restaurants in city business districts located on some of Southern California’s most famous streets revolutionizes and mainstreams public consumption in America’s legal cannabis states.

Eight licensees were approved to operate lounges that may allow all forms of cannabis consumption — smoking, vaping, eating edibles — as well cook and serve fresh-made “virgin” foods with THC and CBD sauces on the side. Eight licensees were approved to cook and serve cannabis-infused foods in restaurant settings and for private dinners not featuring smoking or vaping. All lounges will be tied to retail cannabis stores.

Other retail cannabis licenses issued include on the world’s first hotel-based cannabis boutique and white-glove delivery service, Lord Jones at The Standard Hotel on world-famous Sunset Strip.

Proposed lounge designs, environmentally conscious and alternative-energy aware, are contemporary eye-candy ranging from modest-chic to full-on lavish, befitting Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards, West Hollywood’s primary drags where lounges and retail stores are allowed, along with Melrose Avenue. Many lounges will feature entertainment. All will offer wellness and community services and will contribute to neighborhood security.

While licensees include veterans of Los Angeles hospitality, entertainment, wellness and cannabis industries, four of the best-known cannabis chefs in America — Jeff Danzer, Andrea Drummer, Holden Jagger and Brandon Allen — are involved in approved teams. One of Southern California’s best dispensaries, Greenwolf, and an owner of L.A.-based mids- and sub-mids bargain brands Loudpack and Dime Bag scored too, as did longtime medicinal cannabis activist Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access.

When business secure locations and obtain operating permits in 2019, West Hollywood officials envision the high-energy city becoming a buzzworthy legal cannabis destination. WeHo leaders see WeHo cannabis lounge clientele and WeHo bar, hotel and restaurant clientele overlapping and visiting other businesses in the city that’s more stylish than nearby Hollywood and hipper than abutting Beverly Hills.

The story I propose highlights radically mainstreaming and consumer-and- industry-friendly aspects of West Hollywood’s lounge ordinance, which allows on-premises cooking and food service; attracted some of California’s top cannabis-cuisine talent; allows outdoor and rooftop smoking; allows operating hours 6 a.m.-2 a.m. seven days a week; and may rocket West Hollywood — home to the famed Sunset Strip and legendary music clubs Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room and The Troubadour — to the top-ranking cannabis destination in America.

Meanwhile, for context, West Hollywood’s radically mainstreaming cannabis consumption lounge regulations advanced while Ontario’s clean-air smoking regulations are putting cannabis lounges out of business and Canadian cannabis consumers out on the streets; as Alaska just approved cannabis lounge regulations after two years of fits and starts; as San Francisco’s Vapor Room, now the city’s ninth lounge, reopened in a brighter space and climate six years after being closed by the feds; just before Tick Segerblom, the Nevada state senator who championed cannabis legislation, joins the county commission that controls the artsy part of old Las Vegas set to welcome lounges in 2019; and while consumption lounges aren’t sparking in Denver.

Weed Weekend: San Francisco

Legal cannabis is best enjoyed in social lounges, with gourmet food and in the hands of five-star hotel spa masseuses.


SAN FRANCISCO — Like Amsterdam, this lusty city-state boasts picaresque history, edgy authenticity, mind-blowing art and Instagrammable sights,  and among inclined travelers is a cannabis bucket-list destination. From Barbary Coast Bohemians to Beat generation poets and the Sixties’ Summer of Love to today’s legalized renaissance, cannabis has enshrouded San Francisco in intoxicating fog, a heady come-hither whether you wear flowers in your hair or Kate Spades on your feet. Once, tourists scored baggies of pot from hygiene-challenged ragamuffins on hippie-haven Haight Street; modern visitors marvel at the commercialization and wide-spread availability of California’s top agricultural product now that it’s taxed and regulated by the state and innovated by artisans and entrepreneurs. So dive into world-class cannabis retailing; decadent social-consumption lounges; gourmet meals and five-star hotel spa massages incorporating the plant; and local craft beer and cocktails spiked with cannabis extracts, toasting San Francisco’s gay and high history.

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San Francisco Scores First Public Cannabis Lounge in U.S.

Update 2/11: ReLeaf Herbal’s bare-bones lounge is now serving recreational adult-use customers.
Update 2/8: Green Door’s Lounge847 is now open for recreational consumers.
Update 1/18: Urban Pharm opened for recreational sales and lounge use today, Thursday Jan. 18.

Decadent, safe, comfortable and regulated, Barbary Coast is now serving recreational cannabis consumers.

Barbary Coast

A view of the dab bar at Barbary Coast’s lounge. 


America’s first legal cannabis lounge will not open in Denver.

America’s first legal cannabis lounge will not open in Las Vegas.

Forget about Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts, too.

America’s first legal cannabis lounge opened Thursday in San Francisco.

Actually, Barbary Coast Collective opened its luxe lounge next to its South of Market medicinal cannabis dispensary in March. Barbary Coast started serving adult-use recreational customers Thursday, making it the first legal, regulated cannabis lounge in America — the holy grail of the modern cannabis era.

“It’s something we’re proud of and excited about,” Barbary Coast director Jesse Henry told me. “I think we are going to get a lot of people who’ll think it’s like going to Amsterdam, and we’ll provide a safe, clean, comfortable place for folks to smoke.”

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The First Cannabis Lounge of the Legal Era in America Will Be in San Francisco

‘We have eight existing lounges in the City, and they will be able to continue operating in 2018,’ S.F. cannabis czar says.



While Denver, Las Vegas and Massachusetts are racing to claim the honor of being the first place in America to host a legal, adult-use cannabis consumption lounge, eight San Francisco medicinal cannabis dispensary lounges are poised to give San Francisco claim to being the home of the first  legal, adult-use cannabis consumption lounge in America come 9 a.m. on Jan. 6, 2018 — the first day of the new legal era in which the city’s currently permitted medicinal social lounges can serve the recreational market.

Anyone wanting to be the first cannabis lounge in America has until 8:59 a.m. PST on the first Saturday  of January.  You’ll be competing with the Apple store of cannabis lounges, a Burning Man-inspired lounge that feels like a steampunk sex club and the newest most decadent lounge in town, which I just had the honor of helping to name the best cannabis lounge in the San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState Awards.

“We have eight existing lounges in the City, and they will be able to continue operating in 2018,” San Francisco’s Office of Cannabis director Nicole Elliott told me in an email this afternoon.

California has not yet created a licensing scheme for cannabis lounges, nor does the state expressly prohibit cannabis lounges.  Absent state prohibition, local governments like San Francisco, Denver and Las Vegas can approve cannabis lounges.  San Francisco’s eight existing medicinal cannabis dispensary lounges — along with one that was shuttered by the federal government in 2011 and is preparing to re-open near Twitter headquarters — will be allowed to operate under city regulations they’ve operated under over the past decade.  Dispensaries that apply for new licenses in 2018 will be subject to stricter ventilation and  hermetically sealed smoking room requirements.

California pot czar Lori Ajax told regulators in Sacramento last week that when the state licenses cannabis lounges some time next year, lounge licenses will be tied to dispensary permits. There’ll be no stand-alone pot cafes in California.

San Francisco is the de facto model for pot lounges and social cannabis consumption in America.

Three of San Francisco’s leading dispensary lounges — Barbary Coast, Urban Pharm and Sparc — told they’re pursuing the state permit that’ll allow them to transition to the adult-use market. I’m checking with the other five dispensaries regarding their plans.


Urban Pharm



Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast


Here’s a tour of San Francisco cannabis lounges  I wrote last year.Here’s one San Francisco pot lounge story I wrote for the Denver Post’s The Cannabist in 2015. Here’s another.

Which San Francisco pot lounge do you want to visit when the first recreational pot lounge(s) opens in America on Jan. 6, 2018?

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