Californians will vote in November vote on whether to break the Golden State into three states. If the “Cal 3” initiative passes, there would be major ramifications for cannabis regulations, growing, transportation and retailing.

If the split is passed, growing regions would be separated from retailing areas. eg: Harborside has stores in Oakland and San Jose and has major growing operations in Salinas. If California is divided, Oakland and San Jose would be in Northern California and Salinas would be in California. Fresno to San Diego would be Southern California. Along the coast, Carmel to Los Angeles would be California.

Product could not be transported from California to Northern California or Northern California to Southern California.

And what of legalization? Would the three states have to address legalization anew and separately? If voters in the new Southern California get their way, the conservative San Joaquin Valley / Bakersfield area would vote against legalization, imperiling Southern California.

How do cannabis growers, businesses and state regulator feel?