Ed Murrieta’s Cannabis Lounge Pitch Deck

Wherever cannabis is legal, the public needs safe and comfortable places to smoke pot and socialize. Here’s a vision for such a place, even a chain of smoking lounges. 

Ed Murrieta’s Cannabis Edibles Safety App Pitch Deck

Ed Murrieta’s California Cannabis Cookies Pitch



EDZ California Cannabis Cookies are the first in a line of farm-to-fork edibles hand-crafted to precise dosages.

Every EDZ cookie begins with cannabis grown in California’s Emerald Triangle. We press pure cannabis oil in small batches. Then we formulate our recipes to precise dosages, giving you only the most beneficial, aromatic and flavorful elements.

Created by Ed Murrieta, an edibles expert and food journalist who helped market the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau’s inaugural Farm-to-Fork Capital of America campaign, EDZ California Cannabis Cookies contain local ingredients at their natural heights:

Olive oil from the Capay Valley northwest of Sacramento makes our cookies luscious.

Nuts from the San Joaquin Valley give our cookies gluten-free body and flavor.

When we use wheat, it’s grown in the northern Sacramento Valley.

Many of the herbs we use come from friends’ backyard gardens.

We buy our cheese from the oldest family-owned cheese company in the state.

We’re hella California, dude.

Look for EDZ California Cannabis Cookies in dispensaries next year.

  • Pistachio Herb
  • Almond-Chocolate
  • California Parmesan
  • Red Velvet Vadouvan