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Cannabis Buzzes Big Foodie

Bay Area food marketer has touted cannabis edibles and cannabis cuisine since 2014. This year, the Specialty Food Association listened. 


Detail of CCD Innovation’s poster forecasting food trends for 2018.


Spoiler alert for those attending the Winter Fancy Food Show today through Tuesday in San Francisco:

There are no cannabis edibles on the trade-show floor.

Cannabis cuisine is not the subject of any plenary panel.

However, for the first time since legalization sprouted in Colorado in 2014, cannabis has buzzed Big Foodie, the specialty food makers and marketers convening to entice high-end retailers and well-heeled bellies across the Internet and America.

In November, the Fancy Food Show’s parent, the Specialty Food Association, ranked cannabis among the top-10 food trends to watch in 2018.

“As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the varieties of pot-enhanced food and beverage will increase,” the SPA’s Trendspotter Panel wrote. “Look out for continued interest and acceptance in a host of snacks, treats, and beverages with a little something extra.”

Shortly after, another pillar of America’s mainstream commercial food industry, Nation’s Restaurant News, predicted this will be the year CBD, the botanical herb’s non-psychoactive cannabinoid, spices up restaurant food in cannabis-legal states.

“We’re continuing to see the surge,” said Kara Nielsen, the Bay Area food-trends expert and Trendspotter panelist responsible for cannabis’ inclusion on SPA’s foodie forecast.

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Go Ashore and Legally Score in West Coast Pot Ports

From Juneau to San Diego, 2018 is the year
for cruise-ship travelers seeking cannabis



This year, cruise ship passengers on the entire West Coast of the United States and Canada will disembark to legal cannabis.

Cruise ships docking  in Alaska, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego ports are just gangways away from legal ganja.

But don’t carry or use cannabis on board cruise ships, whether in port or out to sea.  Here’s the bottom line from one major cruise line servicing the Wet Coast, echoing others:

No illegal drugs or other illegal substances are allowed onboard or may be utilized during a Royal Caribbean International cruise vacation, including during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports of call, during shore excursions or at our private destinations. Illegal drugs or substances will be confiscated and appropriate action taken, which may include removal from the ship …

Here’s my cruise ship travelers’ guide to buying, consuming and experiencing cannabis in the West Coast’s legal pot ports, ranked by easy access to the best cannabis stores, the best cannabis lounges and the best cannabis culture and entertainment activities.

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San Francisco Scores First Public Cannabis Lounge in U.S.

Update 1/18: Urban Pharm opened for recreational sales and lounge use today, Thursday Jan. 18.

Decadent, safe, comfortable and regulated, Barbary Coast is now serving recreational cannabis consumers.

Barbary Coast

A view of the dab bar at Barbary Coast’s lounge. 


America’s first legal cannabis lounge will not open in Denver.

America’s first legal cannabis lounge will not open in Las Vegas.

Forget about Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts, too.

America’s first legal cannabis lounge opened Thursday in San Francisco.

Actually, Barbary Coast Collective opened its luxe lounge next to its South of Market medicinal cannabis dispensary in March. Barbary Coast started serving adult-use recreational customers Thursday, making it the first legal, regulated cannabis lounge in America — the holy grail of the modern cannabis era.

“It’s something we’re proud of and excited about,” Barbary Coast director Jesse Henry told me. “I think we are going to get a lot of people who’ll think it’s like going to Amsterdam, and we’ll provide a safe, clean, comfortable place for folks to smoke.”

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California Traffic Safety Agency Pulls Ad Depicting Responsible Cannabis Users

California TV ad steered sober on stoned driving. Now it’s been yanked off the air and removed from YouTube.


SACRAMENTO — A federally funded California agency that produced a public-service advertisement depicting cannabis users as responsible people who chose not to drive under the influence of the Golden State’s newest legal intoxicant has pulled the daring commercial from television and YouTube.

California’s Office of Traffic Safety, which solicits and distributes funds from the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, released the anti-pot-driving PSA in the last week of December. The 30-second spot ran for about a week on local and cable TV stations and was posted with other anti-drugged driving PSAs on the OTS’s YouTube channel.

On Friday, the PSA stopped airing on television; OTS removed the video from YouTube. Both occurred one day after United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded guidelines recommending the Department of Justice not interfere with states’ cannabis laws.

Sacramento TV station Fox40 has the video here.

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