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California Tourist Rentals Give Guests Free Pot — No Doctor’s Note or Residency Required

I just filed a Reno-Tahoe cannabis travel report. One of the interesting lodging options is a bed, bud and breakfast in South Lake Tahoe that gives its guests cannabis.

It’s legal to gift cannabis in California. You don’t need a doctor’s note and don’t need to be a California resident to receive up to an ounce of pot from another adult without money changing hands.

International tourists and Americans from 49 other states can legally enjoy California cannabis — four months before full-on legalization permits them to actually purchase it from stores that will be licensed beginning in January 2018.

You’ll find many cannabis-friendly lodgings on websites like and whose hosts let you smoke pot either inside or outside.

But there’s only about a dozen online listings in California for private lodging whose hosts provide cannabis — whether you’re an authorized California medical cannabis patient, an insurance actuary from Cleveland who’s never smoked or a touring Eurotrash DJ who can’t be bothered to score weed in every new city.

How many alternative rentals in California gift their guests greenbud? Here’s what I’ve found so far.

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Cannabis Firm Plots Epcot of Pot

Arizona’s American Green purchases Southern California ghost town for $5 million, intends to develop a cannabis tourism destination in the Mojave Desert.


A publicly traded cannabis company has purchased an Old West ghost town in Southern California for $5 million and plans to turn the historic Mojave Desert hamlet into a cannabis tourism destination and cannabis production hub that taps the 80-acre town’s ancient underground lake and modern solar power.

Nipton, located 10 miles off the main highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is a 112-year-old former mining town of approximately 20 residents in unincorporated San Bernardino County, about 3 hours east of Los Angeles and 1 hour south Las Vegas, a mile and a half from the California-Nevada border.

The buyer, American Green Inc. of Phoenix, hopes to develop what it’s likening to Disney on cannabis — the Epcot Center of Pot — offering cannabis-friendly tourist attractions, manufacturing and retail outposts, culinary events, bed-and-breakfast lodging, RV camping, artist-in-residence programs and mineral baths spiked with therapeutic cannabis.

Stephen Shearin, general manager of American Green’s Nipton project, expects to host Nipton’s first cannabis tourists in November.

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