How to incorporate legal recreational cannabis into the most popular Las Vegas activities — from hiking in Red Rock Canyon to rolling high above The Strip to shooting big guns and racing fast cars.


The following activities are from Trip Advisor’s Top-10 Things to Do in Las Vegas. My intention is to annotate with Pro Tips on working weed into the fun.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

PRO TIPS: Rules. Nearest pot stores. Sun screen. Hydrate. Etc. Best indoor strains for outdoor enjoyment.


PRO TIPS: Sexy Cirque & Indica. Mind-blowing magic & Sativa. The Beatles & Edibles.

High Roller

PRO TIP: Reach your edibles’ peak when your enclosed cabin rises 550 feed above the desert floor.  Or load up on edibles and do a 1-hour rotating yoga sesh.

Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at Bellagio

Pro Tip: Feed your eyeballs.

Shooting Ranges

Pro Tip: Guns and weed? The rules.

The Strip

Pro Tip: Weed and The Strip don’t mix.  Visit Essence, the only dispensary on The Strip.

Nature & Wildlife Tours 

Pro Tip: Best nature and wildlife tour when high, and the best indoor strains for outdoor enjoyment.


Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Pro Tip: The Wynn doesn’t want players gambling with money earned in the cannabis industry. But drop in to soak up the drop-dead design.

Adrenaline & Extreme Tours

Pro Tip: Race cars and weed? The rules.


Sightseeing Tours 

Pro Tip:  Canna-bus dispensary tours.